Note to self

Chill out.

(I mean that literally and metaphorically – this humidity is disgusting!)

Kristine, you are not an Olympic athlete, and that has never been one of your aspirations so stop being hard on yourself.  You’re doing something, which is always better than nothing.

I know recovery is hard and attempting to lose weight the healthy way is a challenge, especially when you have a disordered voice nagging you all the while.  But stick with it and stop with the negative self-talk because what this is really all about is feeling good.  How can you do that if you let all these negative (and untrue!) thoughts into your heard?

Think of all the unhealthy things you don’t do since you’ve come home.  You don’t drink alcohol.  You don’t go out to the bars on a regular basis.  You don’t eat fast food ever.  You rarely eat junk food.  You don’t drink any sugary or artificially based drinks.  Quite frankly, you don’t miss any of it.

Now think of all the healthy things you do.  You prepare and eat three balanced meals a day.  You drink lots of water.  You beat your Dunkin Donuts addiction.  You exercise moderately.  You get eight hours of sleep every night.  You’re managing to take some much needed “me” time without isolating.  You write.  You draw.  You read.  You daydream.

Reflect on that for a minute.  When was the last time you’ve done any of these things for a prolonged period of time?  And not only that, but at the same time?!  This is huge.

So please, cut yourself some slack and acknowledge the changes you’ve made.  You’re doing great.