I am happy DOMA is shut down.

I am happy Prop 8 is banned.

I am happy SB5 is dead.

I am happy, but after watching the events of last night, I still feel slightly nauseous.

I may not be well-versed in political jargon and I may not be the smartest person.  But I do know when I am being silenced.  To watch political leaders blatantly ignore the rules and only follow them when it was to their advantage was disturbing.  Yes, I read about injustices all the time.  But to actually witness it as it’s happening and being overcome with the urge to scream, “WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING YOU PIECE OF SHIT” is quite a different experience.  Luckily, we have people like Wendy Davis, Leticia Van de Putte, and Kirk Watson to translate those more colorful thoughts with elegant and intelligent sass.

Granted, we won.  Wendy Davis’ filibuster was successful.  But when the Republicans tried to force a vote through and pass SB5 by resorting to illegally change the official timestamp, I had developed an ulcer.

I am happy and hopeful and inspired.  But to quote something I read this morning, “There is hope. But the hope doesn’t erase what I saw last night. I saw children in a sandbox fighting over their toys.  And their toys were the lives of other women.”

We still have work to do.


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