I hate wasted days.

No, scratch that.

I hate uninspiring, wasted days.

Today began with me skipping my morning walk as I was far too cozy on the couch.  It rarely offers much comfort so I was lazy enough to relish it.  But from there on out the day stayed on a stagnant plain.

I tried writing.  I must have written a hundred unfinished sentences before opting for a book.  An hour later, I was finished with Eve Ensler’s I Am an Emotional Creature and sufficiently disappointed.  There’s nothing worse than having high expectations for a book, and ending up more uninspired than you were before.  *sigh*

Now it’s 9 o’clock, and I have resigned myself to my throne a.k.a the couch.  Meep.

Moral of the story?  Don’t skip your morning walk!  You go for walks to sort out your thoughts so that the rest of the day you’re not stuck playing Tetris in your head.

Lesson learned and moving on.

Nighttime tunes brought to you by Bright Eyes:


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