Self Care

When caught up in an eating disorder it’s easy to lose yourself. We forget to take care of our bodies. Find time today to practice an act of self-care. This could be treating yourself to see a movie, painting your nails, going for a relaxing walk, or playing music. Do something that will help promote a healthy mind and a healthy body. 

Honestly, today was a fairly light day for me, but I’ve been feeling annoyingly body conscious lately.  So after my film shoot, I went with my never-fails-to-make-me-smile act of self care:

Be with my best friend, Aaron.  

It’s hard to feel shitty about my body around this guy.  He protects me from spiders, continuously enables my coffee addiction, and most of all, is there for me more than anyone outside of my family, even when I suck.

The point is, when you have people in your life who truly love you and make you feel good, it’smuch easier to recover and live a happy life.  I’ve had some people in my life who, yes, I loved dearly, but were holding me back from my recovery because they made me feel like shit.  As hard as it is to let those people go, it’s the best thing for your recovery and happiness.  I’ve had to do it, and it hurts.  I never thought I could be on my own without these people.  But when I look back, it was like the last thing standing in my way.  And I know we are much happier without each other.  Letting go made room for an amazing group of people that I now call my friends here at Keene, who genuinely want to be in my life, even when the going gets tough.  I always worried that if I opened up to people, they would drop me…  

But they’re still here.      

I hope you all find that someday. 





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